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Matrix Switching Systems -> Peripherals
System Accessories for V1300 and V1400 Systems
V422-VI VICOAX TRANSLATOR; converts Vicon RS-422 PTZ commands to Vicoax, 16-channels
VSCM-200 RS-422 DUAL INPUT CODE MERGER; merges control data from two separate control systems into one device
V1400X-IDL INTELLIGENT DISTRIBUTION LINE CONTROL; provides up to 10 communication lines from CPU when used in star configuration
V1300X-IA ALARM INTERFACE; accepts up to 32 custom alarm inputs
V1300X-CA CABLE ADAPTER; 34-25 pin
V1311RB-2WA OUTDOOR UNIVERSAL RECEIVER; 120 VAC input, 24 or 120 VAC output to pan-and-tilt drives, requires V1311R-VI-1 interface card for Vicoax control and V1311R-VPS-1 interface card for NOVA
Receiver Option
V1311R-VPS-1 INTERFACE CARD; internal board adapts V1311RB receivers for use with NOVA CPUs
V75T 75-OHM TERMINATOR; for unused video looping BNCs
V75TR-1 75-OHM TERMINATOR; for use with 16-pin coaxial ribbon cable connectors
V75TR-SHD 75-OHM TERMINATOR; for unused looping outputs
V1599 Time/Date/Titler Includes card cage, power supply, modules, circuit card and blank closure panels